Eye Witness Frenzy


Mixed Media

Deej Fabyc and Elvis Richardson

Artist’s Deej Fabyc and Elvis Richardson exhibition’s feed off, and into, each other's in the collaborative project RICH AND FABULOUS. Richardson’s (an Australian artist currently based in New York) work Slide Show Land is a collection of collections of over 30,000 family and travel slides from hundreds of different families dating from 1940 - 1995 , advertised and purchased through various Internet sites. The geography of collected images spans Cape Cod, Paris, South Africa, a vast global spread of other people’s adventures. So generic they are familiar, through this work we enter unfamiliar lives even if they do not seem to be so different from ours.

A more intimate, if still anonymous, glimpse into the private lives of others is shown in Deej Fabyc’s (an Australian/UK artist) video work KJ’s Story. A compilation of family photographs from a woman known to us only as KJ, who sings a poignant karaoke soundtrack (REM’s Everybody Hurts) over the top, this work serves to activate the images in Slide Show Land, through the tender.subjectivity of this memorabilia. Alongside this work is I Am Me You Are You, a collaborative piece with Fabyc’s daughter, where cardboard box beds hold a collection of small dolls, tucked up for sleep, each one lit by the soft glow of an individual night-light. With an accompanying video of her daughter Beata Jean Lockheart, reciting I Am Me You Are You over and over, this work contemplates the process of developing subjectivity or becoming an individual self.

  • The Physics Room, Christchurch, NZ, 2002
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