Magazines & Online Articles

  • 2018

    Publication: Motherhood and Live Art

    documentation of various artists participation in a conference including Deej Fabyc

    By: compiled by Lena Simic and Emily Underwood-Lee

    Publisher: Publisher: Institute for Art and the practice of Dissent at Home, Liverpool


  • 2017

    Publication: Transcending the National Capital Paradigm: The Evolution of Bitumen River Gallery/Canberra Contemporary Art Space

    By: Anni Doyle Wawrzyńczak

    Wawrzyńczak PhD

  • 2016

    Publication: Performance and the Maternal

    A collection of artists texts, which include reference to Deej Fabyc in context of motherhood and art.

    By: Lena Simic and Emily Underwood-Lee

    Publisher: Repository Edgehill

    Performance and the Maternal

  • 2015

    Publication: Apocalypse Now (strikethrough). A Phd is a Phd is a Phd. An original non-screenplay by John Milius and Francis Ford Coppola (strikethrough) D.A. Ostrow. Inspired by Joseph "Conrad's Heart of Darkness" etc.


    By: Deborah Ostrow

    Publisher: Monash University, Victoria

  • 2015

    Publication: Feminism Now Forty Years and Counting

    By: Louise R. Mayhew - article with timeline

    Feminism Now

  • 2015

    Publication: Notes Towards a Future Feminist Archive

    an affiliated text to the Future Feminist Archive which featured Deej Fabyc


    By: Bronia Iwanczak and Lynne Barwick

    Publisher: produced for Contemporary Art and Feminism, Sydney as part of the 40th Anniversary of International Women’s Year in 2015

  • 2014

    Publication: Intimations: video performance and relationality

    By: Cinzia Cremona

    Publisher: University of Westminster, Faculty of Media, Art and Design

    Cinzia Cremona Thesis

  • 2011

    Publication: Discontinued Narratives of Migration and an Art Practice with Earth

    By: E. A. Day

    Publisher: College of Creative Arts University of Western Sydney

    Lz Day PhD

  • 2011

    Publication: Jill Posters Will Be Prosecuted: Australia’s women-only print collectives from the 1970s and 1980s.

    By: Louise Mayhew

    Publisher: Cross Art


  • 2010

    Publication: The Artists News

    Article: Sold Out - Review of Exhibition at Elastic Residence

    By: John Tran


  • 2009

    Publication: Realtime., Feb - Mar 2009

    Article: A Quarter Century Sampler

    By: Anne Finnegan

  • 2009

    Publication: Contemporary VisualArt+Culture Broadsheet no 38

    Article: 24 exhibitions for 25 years an article referencing Deej Fabyc’s work at ArtSpace for 24/25

    By: Bruce Barber

    Publisher: Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia Inc


  • 2008

    Publication: Art Monthly vol.No. 321

    Article: KISSS: Kinship International Strategy on Surveillance and Suppression

    By: Bob Dickinson

    KISSS Art Monthly

  • 2008

    Publication: Real Time issue 87 Oct-Nov 2008

    Article: homecoming for the future

  • 2007

    Publication: /Seconds Vol 002/004

    Article: Handle on Nowhere

    By: Eve Sullivan

    Handle on Nowhere

  • 2007

    Publication: Sculpture magazine, 26(1)

    Article: Deej Fabyc interview: Gender, space, and forensic biography

    By: R.J. Preece

    Sculpture Magazine

  • 2006

    Publication: New Statesman 14 August 2006

    Article: Hitchens, Trotsky and a really good row

    By: Rachel Cooke


  • 2006

    Publication: n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal volume 17, Jan 2006

    Article: KISSS Revealed: Deej Fabyc, Paula Roush and Camilla Brueton on Kinship International Strategy on Surveillance and Suppression (KISSS)

    By: Katy Deepwell

    Katy Deepwell on KISSS

  • 2005

    Publication: Artlink September 2005

    Article: Artrave- Comment, upcoming events, people, news and views

    By: Edblog


  • 2005

    Publication: Arts Hub 28 September 2005

    Article: KISSS and tell – The Revolutionary New Performance Form


    KISSS review

  • 2004

    Publication: Art Monthly Dec-Jan 2004-05 | No 282

    Article: Art Notes

  • 2003

    Publication: eyeline 55

    Article: Elastic a printed project

    By: Anne Finnegan

    Elastic a printed project

  • 2002

    Publication: The Press, May 30, 2002

    Article: Social Rites Study - Mark Harvey, Deej Fabyc, Elvis Richardson

    By: Dorothee Pauli

    Publisher: The Press, New Zealand

  • 2001

    Publication: Uniglory. no. 4, Despair

    Article: Deej Fabyc

    By: Lisa Kelly

    Uniglory Despair

  • 2001

    Publication: Kunstforum International 154

    Article: Die Subversion des anderen Sehens

    By: Rafael von Uslar


  • 2001

    Publication: Absolute Arts

    Article: Perfect Strangers: Denis Beaubois, Deej Fabyc, Alex Kershaw, Sandy Nicholson, Deborah Ostrow, Elvis Richardson, Silvia Velez, Justene Williams

    Perfect Strangers

  • 2001

    Publication: Sculpture Magazine Sept 2001

    Article: The Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award

    By: Maria Bilske


  • 2001

    Publication: Artlink June 2001

    Article: The Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award

    By: Maria Bilske

    Helen Lempriere

  • 2000

    Publication: SMH 15 Jan 2000

    Article: Art Devoured by its Children

    By: Bruce James


  • 2000

    Publication: Sydney RoundUp, Issue 10

    By: Russell Storer on Elastic Australia


  • Publication: SMH 11 Sept 1999

    Article: Give Me Big, Bad & Ugly

    By: Bruce James


  • 1999

    Publication: Real Time On Screen August-Sept 1999

    Article: Australian Perspecta


  • 1998

    Publication: Photofile: Contemporary Photomedia and Ideas no 55

    Article: Happy Snap

    By: Bruce James

  • 1998

    Publication: Artlink December 1998

    Article: Telling Tales to Austria

    By: Jacqueline Thomas

    Telling Tales

  • 1998

    Publication: SMH 19 Sept 1998

    Article: The Shows That Time Forgot

    By: Bruce James

    Time Forgot

  • 1998

    Publication: SMH 13 Feb 1998

    Article: Galleries

    By: Bruce James


  • 1998

    Publication: Artlink September 1998

    Article: Some Notes on Pornography, Contemporary Art and Social Politics

    By: Christopher Chapman

    Porn & Social Politics

  • 1998

    Publication: SMH 02 June 1998

    Article: Galleries - Remembered Pain

    By: Bruce James

    Remembered Pain

  • 1997

    Publication: The Age 27 June 1997

    Article: Big Movement

    By: Myfanwy Warhurst

    Big Movement

  • 1997

    Publication: The Australian (National, Australia), 1997 June 6, p.10

    Article: Political posture dulls glittering prize

    By: Robert Rooney

    Publisher: News LTD

  • 1997

    Publication: Vogue Australia June 1997

    Article: I Confess feature on Deej Fabyc work at the Contempora 5 exhibition National Gallery of Victoria

    By: Anna Johnson

  • 1997

    Publication: Like Magazine No. 3

    Article: Who Is Deej Fabyc?

    By: Margaret Merten

    Publisher: George Paton Gallery, Melbourne University, Parkville, Vic, Australia

  • 1997

    Publication: The View issue 7

    Article: Contempora5 new prize new art

    By: Greer Honeywell

    The View

  • 1996

    Publication: Art and Text, no. 53

    Article: Deej Fabyc

    By: Jeff Gibson

  • 1995

    Publication: Art & Australia VOL 32 NO 3 AUTUMN 1995

    Article: New Girls

    By: Felicity Fenner

    Art & Australia women issue

  • 1995

    Publication: Where are you sucker?: hypervigilance and enmity

    By: Deej Fabyc

    Deej Fabyc MFA

  • 1994

    Publication: The Age 10 June 1994

    Article: The Wall Crawl

    By: Fiona Donnelly

  • 1994

    Publication: SMH 24 June 1994

    Article: Trappings of Desire

    By: Felicity Fenner

  • 1994

    Publication: eyeline 25

    Article: Fresh Art


    Fresh Art

  • 1994

    Publication: Art & Australia VOL 32 NO 2 SUMMER 1994

    Article: ‘Written on the Body, The performance art week reviewed’

    By: Anne Loxley

  • 1994

    Publication: Zeit Magazin , NR 43 21. Oktober 1994

    Article: Bilder as dem Reich der Luste

    By: Vera Gasarow

  • 1993

    Publication: eyeline 22/23

    Article: THIS ROSE IS FOR SALE at Legge Gallery Sydney

    By: Roque Reynolds


  • 1993

    Publication: The Australian 15 May 1993

    Article: THIS ROSE IS FOR SALE review of Deej Fabyc Solo Exhibition

    By: Elwynn Lynn

  • 1992

    Publication: eyeline 15

    Article: UNTITLED '91


    UNTITLED '91

  • 1992

    Publication: Agenda issue 21

    Article: Admission review of Deej Fabyc solo show of same title

    By: Cliff Williams

    Publisher: George Paton Gallery, Melbourne University, Parkville, Vic. :

  • 1991

    Publication: SMH 20 Feb 1991

    Article: At the Margin

    By: Christopher Allen


  • 1991

    Publication: SMH 18 Jan 1991

    Article: Corrosion, nature and humour in cohesion

    By: Jo Saurin


  • 1991

    Publication: SMH 25 July 1991

    Article: Inequality generates art full of power

    By: Michael Visontay


  • 1986

    Publication: Canberra Times

    Article: Truth Rules At Manuka for a while

    By: Morgan Morris

  • 1986

    Publication: Canberra Times 4 Sept 1986

    Covers Australian Art and Activist poster culture 1984 - 1986 inc Deej Fabyc work in Hobart and Sydney at that time.

    Article: On The Wall

    By: Christine Nestel

  • 1985

    Publication: The Canberra Times 23 November 1985

    Article: Bright Joyous and Colourful

    By: Meredith Hinchcliff

  • 1985

    Publication: The Canberra Times December 12 1985

    Article: Dole is this artists pay cheque

    By: Virginia Cook

  • 1984

    Publication: Lip : feminist arts journal. Lip Magazine Co-operative Limited. 1983 – 1984 ‘Jillposters’ article

    Article: Jillposters

    Publisher: Lip Magazine Co-operative Limited

Books & Catalogues

  • 2019

    Publication: GraceGraceGrace explore gen-age

    By: GraceGraceGrace

    Publisher: Live Art Development Agency and GraceGraceGrace,


  • 2019

    Publication: EWVA: European Women Video Art

    Eds: E Shemilt & L Leuzzi

    Chapter: Desire for More

    By: Cinzia Cremona

    Publisher: John Libbey


  • 2018

    Publication: What is Performance Art? Australian Perspectives

    Eds.: Adam Geczy and Mimi Kelly

    Chapter: And if She Contacts Me Again She Will Know the Meaning of Pain

    By: Deej Fabyc

    Publisher: Power Publications

    ISBN 978-0-909952-93-8

  • 2017

    Publication: Unfinished Business: Perspectives on art and feminism

    Max Delaney & Annika Kristensen

    Publisher: Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

    ISBN 978-0-9943472-7-5


  • 2013 & 2018

    Publication: The LIP Anthology: An Australian Feminist Arts Journal, 1976-1984

    by Vivian Ziherl

    Publisher: Macmillan Art Publishing & Kunstverein Amsterdam

    ISBN-13: 978-1921394775

    lip anthology

  • 2013

    Publication: MEGALOMANIA - 33 Years of Megalo Print Studio

    By: Chris Wallace

    Publisher: Megalo

    ISBN 9780646595108

  • 2013

    Publication: Head Full of Flames: Punk in the Nations's Capital 1977 to 1992 - Alternate Sub-kulture and Tribal Interactions

    Editors: Chris Shakalis, Robina Gugler, Cody Anderson, Steve Nebauer

    Publisher: Canberra Punk and Beyond

    ISBN 9780646905662

    Head Full of Flames

  • 2010

    Publication: Rdečke razsajajo! Intervjuji z organizatorkami feminističnega in kvirovskega festivala Rdeče zore

    By: Tea Hvala

    Catalogue for Red Dawns Festival 2010

  • 2007

    Publication: Making spaces: artist run initiatives in Victoria

    By: Din Heagney

    Publisher: VIA-N The Victoria Initiatives of Artists Network

    ISBN 978-0-9803554-0-6

    Making Space

  • 2006

    Publication: Making Love to your ego

    By: Another Product, James Moore, Ian Parker, Jeanne Randolph, Dawn Woolley

    Publisher: Castlefield Gallery Publications

    ISBN 9780952178071

  • 2006

    Publication: 8 Artists Try Not to Talk About Art

    Editor: Bridget Crone

    By: Features an interview by Deej Fabyc with Supeta Biswas

    Publisher: Space/Artquest

    ISBN 0-9554060-0-5

    8 Artists Try Not to Talk About Art

  • 2006

    Publication: Handle on Nowhere

    Editor: Lindsay Hughes

    By: Deej Fabyc & Hannah Terry

    Publisher: Elastic P

    ISBN 978-0-9553829-0-1

    Read Online

  • 2005

    Publication: I’m travellin light’ …

    Exhibition catalogue cur. Deborah Ostrow

    Publisher: Spacement

  • 2004

    Publication: No lo llames performance/Don’t Call it Performance

    By: Julian Zugazagoitia, Javier Panera, Paco Barragan, Coco Fusco and Rosalee Goldberg

    Publisher: Domus Artium Fundacion Salamanca Ciudad de Cultura

    ISBN 84-933918-3-2

  • 2003

    Publication: Elastic a Printed Project

    Jay Balbi, Deej Fabyc, Sarah Goffman, Mark Hislop, Andrew Hurle, Ann Kay, Leah McLeod, Elvis Richardson & Elizabeth Pulie

    Publisher: Elastic

    ISBN 0-646-42415-7

  • 2002

    Publication: The Physics Room Annual 2002

    Publisher: The Physics Room

    ISBN# 0-9582359-1-0

  • 2001

    Publication: Strawberry Girl, some projects by Deej Fabyc 1995-2001

    Ft essays by Alex Gawronski and Abby Mellick

    Publisher: evolve

    ISBN 0-646-41657-X

  • 2000

    Publication: Perfect Strangers Exhibition Catalogue

    By: Blair French

    Publisher: Canberra Contemporary Artspace

    ISBN 1 875526 61 7

  • 1999

    Publication: Australian Perspecta 99: living here and now: art and politics

    Eds.: Joanna Foster, Bronwyn Clark-Colee, Cara Pinchbeck

    Publisher: Art Gallery of New South Wales

    ISBN 07311389018

  • 1999

    Publication: Telling Tales

    By: Jill Bennett, Jackie Dunn, Nick Waterlow and Peter Weibel

    Publisher: UNSW Press

    ISBN 0733404561

  • 1998

    Publication: Private Parts, Jane Burton, Bonita Ely, Deej Fabyc, Brent Harris, Lyndal Jones, Deborah Ostrow, David Rosetzky, Brett Vallance, Jenny Watson,

    By: Natalie King

    Publisher: Monash University Gallery

    ISBN 07326 1407 4

  • 1998

    Ed: Richard Grayson

    Article: Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, The White Room/Strawberry Girl (Jeff Gibson)

    Chapter: An Interview (Deej Fabyc)

    By: Jeff Gibson & Deej Fabyc

    Publisher: Experimental Art Foundation

    ISBN 0 949 836 34 6

  • 1998

    Publication: 1998 YearBook EAF

    Publisher: Experimental Art Foundation

    ISBN 0 949836 36 7

  • 1997

    Publication: Suffragettes to she-devils : women's liberation and beyond

    By: Liz McQuiston ; foreword by Germaine Greer.

    Publisher: Phaidon

    ISBN 0714836192

    She devils

  • 1997

    Publication: Comtempora 5

    By: Prof Jenny Zimmer and Jason Smith

    Publisher: National Gallery of Victoria

    ISSN 1328 5777

  • 1997

    Publication: Dialogue

    Ed: Theo Tagelaars

    By: Deej Fabyc

    Publisher: W139 Artspace


  • 1996

    Publication: Lesbian Art: An Encounter with Power

    Elizabeth Ashburn

    Publisher: Fine Art Publishing

    ISBN 97664107631995

  • 1995

    Publication: The White Room

    Chapter: Hypervigilante : a conversation with Deej Fabyc

    By: Abby Mellick

    ISBN 0949836346

  • 1995

    Publication: Matinaze 1995


  • 1994

    Publication: Issues in Australian art Series - Women’s Art & feminism 1970-1994 [videorecording]

    Chapter: featuring Jillposters Work

    Publisher: Video Education Australasia

    video details

  • 1994

    Publication: Women’s art and feminism 1970-1994 [videorecording]

    By: Traudi Allen

    Publisher: Vic.Video Education

  • 1994

    Publication: This Rose is for Sale, catalogue for 200 Gertrude Street exhibition

    By: Roque Reynolds

    Publisher: 200 Gertrude Street Gallery

    This Rose

  • 1994

    Publication: True stories: Virginia Barrat, Pat Brassington, Dennis Del Favero, Mikala Dwyer, Deej Fabyc, Fiona Foley, Mathew Jones, Adrian Hall, Lindy Lee, H.J. Wedge

    Ed: Louise Pether

    By: Abby Mellick

    Publisher: Artspace Sydney

    ISBN 0646191004

  • 1994

    Publication: Fresh Art: 20 young Sydney artists

    By: Felicity Fenner and Anne Loxley

    Publisher: SH Ervin Gallery

  • 1994

    Publication: 25 Years of Performance Art in Australia exhibition curated by Nick Waterlow

    By: Nick Waterlow, Noel Sheridan, Sarah Miller, Mike Parr, Jane Goodall and Stelarc

    Publisher: UNSW Press

  • 1994

    Publication: Don't stop

    Article: Catalogue of an exhibition held at the Linden-St. Kilda Arts Centre, 13 July - 28 Aug. 1994.

    By: Susan Fereday and Shiralee Saul

    Publisher: Linden-St. Kilda Arts Centre

    Don't Stop

  • 1993

    Publication: Poster art in Australia

    By: Roger Butler

    ISBN 0-642-13020-5

    Poster Art

  • 1991

    Publication: Admission

    Publisher: Deej Fabyc


  • 1990

    Publication: Pressing issues : contemporary posters from local co-operative presses

    By: Julia Church

    Publisher: State Library of Victoria

    ISBN 0646033115

  • 1988

    Publication: Who is bill posters? : an examination of six Australian socially concerned alternative print media organisations : Redletter Community Workshop, CoMedia, Redback Graphix, Megalo Screenprint, Another Planet Posters, Garage Graphix.

    Publisher: Community Cultural Development Unit, Australia Council

    libraries Australia ID 21880342

  • 1984

    Publication: 150 Victorian women artists

    By: /

    Publisher: Globe Press, Carlton, Vic. Australia Women 150

    ISBN 0958928606