FBI+ A will be presenting work at MK Gallery in July and at Milton Keynes Museum in June project funded by Arts Council England and Milton Keynes Community Foundation



Thank you George Howson for sending me this clipping from a long time ago

remembering Art disasters 1

This is from The Age on the 29th of July 1997



London in the darkest time of year


Still work part time and don’t earn much money – Simeon long gone from my life!


Well here I am circa 1986 reading a book in the sunshine at my “Shelta” on Herland. I was an invited squatter on Herland which had a more organised management structure than the Valley which was more anarchic… there was also Amazon Acres up the Mountain which was more organised. I spent time here off and on in the mid 1980’s it was a very creative community, but most of the “Shelta’s” were provisional like this one, although a few built more solid weatherboard cottages.

Herland,  Northern NSW.