Sucking at the Sublime


Mixed Media

This event took place in two adjoining constructed rooms in Fabyc’s home. The receptionist allowed a single visitor to enter at a time. She led the person in to the second room and let them survey the environment. The second room is small, to one end is an expensive red lounge chair, with a table and antique lamp beside it. A ‘Woolworth’s vernacular’ image of horses running through ocean waves is on one wall. A surveillance camera is present in one corner. Vertically placed two-way mirror glass is in the centre of the dividing wall. I was lying on a mortuary block in the centre of this hidden room wearing a red suit

A play is occurring between the massage parlour and the funeral parlour. In earlier times the good bordello had a room where the girls arrayed themselves for the pleasure of the voyeur /client who often made his choice without entering the room via a peephole or periscope. These days the classier establishments have a room for the client with two-way glass or a video monitor, which displays the girls for the client's (mugs) selection. Funeral parlours also have reception rooms where the living are appeased before meeting the dead.

The mirror in this case reflects the client; which along with the more uncanny or visceral nature of real space, is why she choose to use this medium rather than a video monitor.

  • 25 Years of Performance Art in Australia Survey Exhibition Curated by Nick Waterlowe Ivan Dougherty Gallery Sydney Four day Performance, 1994