One Body


Multi media Collaborative Performance with Bbeyond

One Body

A Bbeyond Performance Curated by Sandra Corrigan Breathnach One-Body is a Bbeyond performance with 12 Bbeyond members coming together to create an interactive performance, each entering the space one at a time, one minute apart, each artist will hold their performance material/objects on their ‘One-Body’. As each artist enters the space, they will intuitively interact and engage with each other, creating a performance together, as ‘One-Body’, highlighting the inter-connective nature of Being. This performance will see artists of international acclaim, BRIAN CONNOLLY – DEEJ FABYC – EMMA BRENNAN – HILLA STEINERT – KATRINA SHEENA SMYTH – KEIKE TWISSELMANN – OLIVIA HASSETT, THESE ARTISTS WILL WORK TOGETHER WITH THE FIVE PRE-SELECTED ARTISTS, ALASTAIR MACLENNAN – AMANDA COOGAN – SIOBHAN MULLEN – SANDRA JOHNSTON AND JAMES KING. coming together for this very special Bbeyond performance at the Highlanes Gallery in Drogheda

All photos by Jordan Hutchings


Highlanes Gallery Droheda