Maria Lactans The Incredible Miracle

This performance utilised a pair of fake breasts from a joke shop stuffed into a denim jump suit, some medical grade tubing was rigged into my suit and the milk was pumped from behind me by one of my assistants into the tubing and I tipped my body so the milk went into the bucket. Before each performance I  traversed the venue ringing a bell to remind viewers to come and view the miracle. The title is of course a reference to the tradition of  painting pictures of the Virgin Mary breast feeding Christ. The form was inspired by the particular set of these where the Madoonna is seen squirting milk into the mouth of St Barnard such as in the example below by Pere Lembri from the 15th century. It  is probably that this performance was in part inspired by the personal experience of being unable to Breast feed successfully despite working really hard at it for 10 weeks and my memories of crying as I attached the milking machine to my breasts with a limited result. A nurse gave my daughter a bottle in hospital because she said she was hungry I think this is what stopped the whole process from working.

We sold glasses of flavoured milk on the stall which were popular with children

‘I am presenting this Incredible Miracle at Fete for the Wicked on the hour 1pm to 9pm That’s nine performances in 9 hours. I dont want to spill too much information before hand; but yes it does involve fluids and I am going to be assisted by a couple of my Ex Students from University of Wales, Newport School of Art Media And Design. Live artist Kieron Da-silva Beckerton(Graduated in 2007) and media artist Glen James Pearce (Graduated in 2008)’

My daughter Beata who was 9 at the time did a roaring trade in portraits of the local punters earning some extra pocket money.


Fete for the Wicked was annual artists event  for a number of years that took place in the Main Yard, Wallis Road as part of Hackney Wicked a festival of events in Hackney Wick, London.

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Maria Lactans the Incredible Miracle

Poster to advertise the performance