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The Kinship International Strategy on Surveillance and Suppression

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In the current political and social climate, surveillance has become an accepted and unquestionable part of everyday public life. Suppression of behaviour, information and desire occurs both privately and publicly. What is the relationship between surveillance and suppression? How do issues of surveillance and suppression affect the work we make as artists and the way in which we work? How can we as artists, living in different countries, engaging in multi-platform possibilities and utilising varied perspectives, respond to these issues in a cohesive and powerful way?

KISSS is an attempt to respond to these issues and as meta-perfomance it incorporates the individual and collaborative practices of its members. The project was launched in August 28th 2005 (Whitechapel Gallery, London) where the KISSS main strategies were presented to a full house, in a live, intermedia combination of performance, video, interventions and working sessions.

This was followed by the KISSS summit, which took place at Woodspring Priory House near Weston Super Mare, UK from the 2nd to the 5th September 2005...

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