Green Room Arcadia


Mixed Media

4m X 4m X 4m

created a room in W139 that was completely enclosed. This cube was 4m/4m/4m and built out of 20cm thick concrete blocks. For the duration of the exhibition I lived there, ate there, mended clothes there, wrote a diary and maintained a garden. Through the use of modern technologies such as computer and video, I provided a limited window into the space. It was not possible for people to have direct contact with me in the space itself. They knew only by means of sound or smell that someone is in the space. As the viewer’s curiosity grows, he or she began to contemplate her motives or become involved in a conversation with the artist.. These messages made up a residue, that litters the gallery floor. These requests all clearly deal with the bafflement and quandary, the frustration of communication that is not face to face. I was interviewed by Endemol about this project and they later went on to develop Big Brother the TV show.

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