Exhibition Series

Opening And Closing Show exhibited the collective:

Jay Balbi, Deej Fabyc, Sarah Goffman, Mark Hislop, Andrew Hurle, Ann Kay, Leah McLeod, Elvis Richardson & Elizabeth Pulie

Drive By Curated by Elvis Richardson

Exhibition included: Elvis Richardson & Angelica Mesiti

August 26
Exhibition Included: Callum Morton, Adam Boyd & Deej Fabyc

Location Curated by Deej Fabyc

Exhibition included: Lisa Andrew, Lisa Holden, Sadie Chandler, Virginia Reid, Shannon Sutherland, Justene Williams & Deej Fabyc

Everybody Run, the Homecoming Queen’s Got a Raygun, Curated by Elizabeth Pulie

Exhibition included: Elizabeth Pulie, Helen Nicholson, Luke Parker and Luke Sandral

Group Show Curated by Elizabeth Pulie

Exhibition included: Sophie Combes

Pixel Curated by Mark Hislop

Exhibition included: Mark Hislop, Simeon Nelson, & Andrew Hurle


Elastic: 117 Abercrombie St., NSW, Australia

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