This work takes form of a casual striptease whilst I narrate a story about the blemishes spots and scars on my body. I combine video with performance in this work. In one version (as Details has been performed in five different countries) I was performing in a 2x2x2 meter cube stretched with muslin. An accomplice inside the cube videoed my examination in extreme close-up which was projected in real time on a large screen in another room in the gallery. The audience had two ways of seeing the performance, both denying the total fulfillment of the voyeuristic urge.

  • The Artists Museum, Lodz, Poland, 1997
  • Artspace Sydney Australia, 1997
  • The Neue Gallery, Graz Austria, 1999
  • The Slovenian Pavillion Venice Biennale, 2001
  • The Gresol L’Abracada, Festival International d’Art Contemporani Castell de la Bisbal, Spain, 2006

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