Call…Call Me Now


Variable Materials

Continuing along with an investigative methodology exposed via a performative situation, the artists next meeting will be in Berlin from Sept. 3 - 7th 2003 as part of an artist run exhibition titled Changing Channels. The work is in two parts.

A window installation at Sox36 announcing Call, Call Me Now , dwells between the states of a watched idleness and subjective movement in a series of photographs gathered from each artists extensive archive. Visually flipping the perspectives of public and private, the artists question the methodology of soliciting the publics response to form the content of the piece. A dubious call center creates the stage for the performative aspect of this collaboration at Ort: Backfabrik where Rich and Fabulous will await the public response. Thier pop psychology inspired reality tv moment reveals the machinations behind surveys, info lines and all kinds of call centers that dominate our interface between the large organisations we are so dependent upon to live our lives.

  • Sox36, Oranienstrasse 175 in the Kreuzberg area of Berlin and Changing Channels, Backfabrik, Saarbrücker Straße 36 - 38